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We are here to solve the problems of your company!

Choose the scope which is relevant for your company and let us deal with your difficulties.

  • If you want to employ CNC operators whose qualifications and skills have been checked and confirmed – click here.
  • If you are planning to improve CNC professional qualifications and skills of your working staff – click here.
  • If you strive to lower the costs related to employing the specialists, staffing fluctuation etc. – click here.

While others offer knowledge – we provide practical skills which enable finding work in one’s field, employment without having experience and improving qualifications!

A lot of manufacturing companies have difficulties with finding operators/ tool setters/ CNC technologists with certified and confirmed abilities, what contributes to generating high expenses related to numerous recruitment activities, and what is more, after having employed the wanted staff it turns out that they fall short of expectations.
Our company specializes in professional evaluation of vocational qualifications and in providing practical and individual training courses for operators, tool setters and CNC technologists.

What kind of problem do we solve?

We let the people who are looking for a job acquire skills and qualifications which enable finding job as operators/ programmers/ CNC technologists.
We aid in finding job.

How do we do that?

We check if the candidate has qualifications required for a particular job. If s/he is promising but lacks qualifications, we may train him/her.

In order to do this:

  • we check the candidate’s qualifications by means of practical tests at the machine, practical evaluation of knowledge of technical drawing as well as operation of the measuring instruments
  • we develop personalized training curriculum which takes account of current candidate’s qualifications
  • on basis of personalized training curriculum, we provide training course which is primarily based on practical education at the machine
  • we carry out an examination which checks how well the candidate has acquired the skills taught during training
  • after having done the training and examination, we verify once more the level of candidate’s skills by repeating practical tests at the machine

Why do the Employers are willing to hire those unemployed people who have completed our training?

  • it lowers the risk of hiring an unsuitable person
  • it improves qualifications of the future staff which – operators/ tool setters
  • having completed the training which is confirmed by a practical examination guarantees the acquisition of skills

Why should you choose Us?

The partnership came into being on the basis of company which has 13 years of experience in manufacturing of highly complicated and precise machines and machine components and which hires operators/ tool setters/ CNC technologists who were trained at the plant from the scratch.
On the basis of those successes we decided to carry out the training courses for operators/ tool setters/ CNC technologists and help the companies which suffer from lack of qualified staff.

Our attitude towards training is distinguishing since:

  • we individually choose the scope of training (personalization)
  • we carry out the effective training courses in groups of maximum 4 people
  • we are flexible in terms of dates of the training
  • the training comprises in 80% of practical education at the machine
  • we teach with the use of original software instead of using simulators
  • we familiarize with the genuine issues of the machining which is possible because the training courses are carried out in the production hall with regular access to measuring instruments and machine cutting tools


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