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Training course for CNC milling machine operator – I level, elementary. Operation, setting and basic programming of 3-axis, vertical machining center with FANUC 0i-MD control

Scope of the training at the machine Approximate number

 of hours

Theoretical part Practical part


Technical documentation Discussing the principles of orthographic projecting in European convention.
Familiarizing with principles of dimensioning the drawings considering:
– linear and angular dimensions,
– dimensional and geometrical tolerance,
– fitting,
– roughness of the surface.
02:00 04:00
Measuring instruments Familiarizing with the operation of:
– caliper, depth gauge, micrometric tools, rod gauge, gauge blocks, plug gauges.
02:00 04:00
Accessories and maintenance of the machine tool Discussing the safety procedures.
Presentation of the machine tool accessories.
Performing minor service and maintenance works.
00:30 01:30
Control panel operation Familiarizing with the accessories of the machine tool control panel.
Discussing the working modes of the machine tool.
Presenting the significance and application of the coordinate system.
02:00 04:00
Work in manual mode Moving the spindle of the machine tool:
– in impulsing mode,
– by means of electronic manual wheel.
Functioning of limiting switches.
Principles of concurrent and countercurrent machining.
Usage of cooling factors.

Setting and reading the rate of spindle rotation and the rate of feed.

01:00 07:00
Cutting tools Purpose of the tools.
Monolithic and complex tools.
Tool materials.
02:00 02:00
Measuring the tools Discussing the methodology of measuring the length of the tool by means of measuring unit of the machining tool.
Usage of the dial indicator.
Correcting the dimensions of the tools.
01:00 05:00
Establishing the machining datum surfaces Usage of:
– 3D dial indicator,
– edge indicator.
01:00 05:00
Instrumentation Operation of:
– machine vice,
– spacers,
– screw supporters.
00:30 03:30
Edition of the routines Creating and removing the routines.
Copying the routines from the external data carriers.
Discussing the structure of the block and the routine.
01:00 05:00
Work in automatic mode Launching the prepared routines.
Controlling the machining parameters.
00:00 08:00
Programming Usage of:
– tool functions,
– feed and spindle rotation function,
– tool length compensation,
– function of choosing the reference system of the object.
01:00 05:00
Final examination 04:00

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